AHL eTrade is the online platform of the Company that caters to the diverse investment needs of equity investors around the globe. As part of a leading financial services group, we have a deep understanding of changing client needs which is reflected in the way we conduct our business. Clients of AHL eTrade enjoy the luxury of executing their trades through online trading system, call centre and enjoy multiple order placement channels. You can place your orders online from anywhere at anytime. Real-time execution and confirmation on your trades can be monitored through your online trading account. It also provide 24/7 access to your account balance, portfolio holdings and statements backed by real-time stock quotes, news and research. With the support of our enhanced trading tools and world class service that is backed up by the highly rated research team, you can take the best possible investment decision and execute it with ease.




In line with our motto of providing all our clients with the highest level of customer care, AHL eTrade proudly provides the following services:


  • Trade Cast – The Online Trading software:
    State of the art stock trading software, which runs on minimum bandwidth and internet availability and works efficiently for the likeness of online customers. Its variants are available for windows PC and macbooks as well. We also have a website from where it can be accessed for share trading purposes.


  • AHL iTick:
    Another robust and speedy route to Stock market is the introduction of live KSE stock prices available on mobile phones. Now AHL customers have the ability to keep track of the market no matter where they are. Available for both iOS and Android users, this smart phone software helps you do all the investment functions through a click of a button.



For all online businesses, security and confidentiality are a must. AHL eTrade operates its trading website at the highest level of security and has implemented a multi-layered system for customer verification and authorization.


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